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"I make each of my products by hand myself to ensure the highest of quality."
About Us
  Shirley Teskey and Shirley’s Herbal Care
– How I became who I am today.


I was born in Limerick and grew up just outside Rathkeale. My family always had a love for growing and nurturing their own kitchen gardens. My Grandmother had a particular interest in making her own remedies, specifically for Psoriasis, as it ran in the family. She past away without passing on her knowledge, but it has influenced me all my life. Having studied kinesiology and reflexology, I went on to study traditional herbal methods at ‘De Kruidenrijk’ in Holland, and started making my own creams and remedies. I have always been inspired by the benefits of using herbs and their remedial ability.

In 2006, I started with a small range of herbal creams and ointments for dry skin, sensitive skin and minor ailments. In 2008, I brought out one product for very dry, red, flaky skin. The consistent good feedback from people suffering from Psoriasis who tried the product made me I realize the effectiveness of our herbal extractions. In 2009, I concentrated on developing a range of specific products for Psoriasis and Eczema, which was soon followed by a skin range for Babies.

  Meet the Rest of the family

Michelle, my older daughter, has come into this business head on, single-handedly professionalising the administration and customer service, not to mention our online presence. She is quality control!, proofing each and every small detail of our business to make sure it runs smoothly. She ensures the success of large trade shows and our recent television appearance, and continues to influence the business each and every day. With a degree in Fashion Design, she is also starting her own business and will be bringing out her own website with her own designs soon.

Karin, my younger daughter, has helped me to become a professional business, creating all our branding, graphic design and marketing. She has just designed my new website. She has brought me from hand-writing my own labels to where I am now. Karin recently graduated and will soon be based in Amsterdam working as a freelance designer. For more information visit her website

Portrait by Peter Zoeller

Jan, my husband, an organic horticulture expert, takes care of all the gardens and growing of the herbs. He uses the best organic and biodynamic growing techniques on our certified organic mountain farm. He makes his own compost and also uses seaweed, which he collects locally.
  Our Philosophy

We want to help as many people as possible affected by Psoriasis, Eczema, and Baby skin conditions by giving them the choice of an effective natural herbal product. We strive to make the best natural herbal skin care products possible, by remaining a small, family-run business. Putting as much quality, care and attention into your product from planting the seed to sealing the tube by hand, we ensure the most effective and highest quality product.
  What makes us different?

Thumbs Up

because of our unique herbal extractions

We are one of the only companies to specialize in making effective natural herbal skin care for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Baby’s skin conditions. We recognize that there are many forms of Psoriasis, Eczema, and Baby Skin Care, each of which have different needs. We have created a unique recipe for each individual product to help relieve, repair, and soothe each symptom. Everything is made by hand; we make the herbal extraction to make the product. We do not farm on a large scale or use big machinery. We grow all our herbs on our mountainside farm and harvest them by hand.

We only produce small batches, to ensure that each product is alive with the goodness of our herbs. We hand fill and seal our tubes to create the most environmentally friendly packaging we can. Please help by recycling your tubes after use.

What are these herbal extractions all about?
Each herb has oils, resins, or protective properties, which help heal, repair, or soothe your skin. Each of these properties is extracted with a carrier (base) to make a HERBAL EXTRACTION and that is what makes us special.

When we say handmade we mean handmade!
Hand grown with only our best handmade compost, handpicked and extracted with traditional methods. The product is then hand measured, hand mixed and combined, hand filled into hand labeled tubes, and sold directly to you.

Exclusive to direct sales
You can only buy Shirley’s Herbal Care products exclusively on our website, through our postal service, or at markets and events.
  Preservatives & Mineral ingredients

We use natural preservatives as much as possible, but when necessary we only use low concentrations of the highest grade, preservatives from a reputable company - Aromantics in Scotland.

We only use mineral ingredients in the Psoriasis Ointment, adding a small amount of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and Mineral Oil to the Beeswax, and Sunflower Oil in the wax extractions to boost the concentration of herbs. This makes the Psoriasis Ointment our most concentrated herbal product.

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